Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update (:

While I was sitting on Facebook (Joey Fitzgerald Carter) I realised I hadn't written a post for VBS in a while. I decided to update everything and let you guys know whats going on, what I've been reading. I can tell you I have finished Afterlife. There goes another series. I'm sad that its ended as usual, but I must admit I was missing the whole going to classes feel you got in the first two, like I was feeling when reading the last Harry Potter.

In the mean time I have also finished a few other Thoroughbred books and something by Tamora Pierce. Just a few hours ago I also finished reading The Notebook (which reminds me I have to update what I'm reading). And let me tell you it had me in tears. Such a beautiful story, but I'll save the rest for its review, don't want to give away too many spoilers for those who haven't read it.

I've been trying to find the time to post blog entries, get the site up and running with the books I have written and do school work... well the school work bit is a little bit of a lie. I'm actually on holidays, but haven't had time to read much or even go on the computer the last few days as I have been at the horse camp in the middle of no where. No power, not even reception. I will try to read more, write more and update more.

0j <3

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