Sunday, May 1, 2011


Silence cover is revealed tomorrow!!!! :D I'm very excited and cannot wait for the book to be released later on October 5th if I can remember correctly. I have got to say that the Hush Hush Series was one of my favourite to read. Patch and Nora were soooo cute :) Well in Hush Hush anyways... Crescendo was a little cut worthy, but I am very excited about Silence, hoping to see Patch and Nora in some many more cute scenes (:

Still no new word on the 4th Need book by Carrie Jones. It's due to be out in 2012 sometime. I would say I'm excited for it, but as I haven't read Entice yet, I'm not fully pumped for it.

Passion By Lauren Kate in the Fallen Series is due to be released on the 14th July 2010. With only a couple months to go till the release date I'm excited to have the 3rd in the Fallen Series. Yes I admit I still haven't read Torment, but I'm getting to it as soon as I can. So much to read, so little time... *wistful sigh*

Supernaturally!!!!! :D It's coming out on the 26th July 2010. So soon after Passion :) Two great books coming out in the same month. I am super keen :D I loved Paranormalcy, so I'm very happy and ready to hear new things about Evie and Lend and Evie going to school :) teehee she's excited about a locker :P

Just because the Wicked Lovely Series is over doesn't mean there aren't any little short stories about it. Ever wondered what happened to Leslie after Ink Exchange apart from her brief appearance in Darkest Mercy? Head to Wicked and check out the ebook Stopping Time. Unfortunately I can't find the link to it, but it says on the site its in the paperback verison of Ink Exchange. Can anyone comfirm this?

Apparently there is a HON movie coming out this year, but as I haven't heard anything about it I doubt its coming out this year. A screenplay has been written, but whether its going to become a movie I am uncertain.

0j <3

P.S. I'm going to put a characters page up (: Basically it will have lots of pictures of who I think each character looks like. They may be famous or not (:

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